Monday, February 26, 2007

A little bit of time for playing

Made this card last night for a friend who is having a birthday. Maybe she will read this post, maybe not, before she get's the card. Once again horrid photo of it, but it's too lumpy/bumpy to scan and well I need to either invest in a better camera or learn how to use the one I have better. Anyway hopefully this lady wont guess it's for her and it'll be a nice surprise. Happy Birthday my friend for tomorrow!! Ahhh now there you go, I've given it away. So it'll be a little belated..... big hugs Natxx


  1. OH MY GAWD, this is STUNNING NATTY.LUUUUUUUVVVVVVV it so much.Bet birthday girl just adores it.How have you done the kimono.Yummy or have you done the hair.I wanna touch it.


    Wonderful design

    D xxx

  2. I adore this card Nat!!! What gorgeous colors and texture. Love what you have done with the clay face!

    Your friend will be thrilled!

    Not long until your birthday Nat. I am sending a little package your way by the end of the week but it might be a bit late for your birthday.

  3. I am still and was thrilled!
    I can't believe I just found this post!!! LOL!!!
    THANK YOU AGAIN for being so good with birthday cards... unlike... er... *whistles, looking up in the air* who? ME? yes... me... *sigh*

    Dawn, I'll bring it to the next SAJ, it's still at my work space!!