Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fab Mail Day!!

Check this fabo "Good Luck in your New Home" card that I received from Belinda Schneider today! I just love love love love love the colours Belinda uses together. Belinda also makes a lot of her own stamps - which I'm just in awe of - and then she makes these fabulous backgrounds using them. I love the shape of the card, not something I've done before, but now am inspired to do.

Also in the package from Belinda was this gothic arch page. Ok I'm definitely inspired to do a whole book of these now. Anybody want to do a swap?? I'll host, not sure how I'll bind it yet, but leave me a comment if you're interested in doing a swap. Nice thick one would be good. Due date will be yonks and yonks away, but if you're inspired as much as I am by this, drop me a line....

But wait there's more!! How lucky am I to also get 3 ATC's!! Check these beauties out! Again with absolutely yummy scrummy Belinda backgrounds!

Did I say more!! Yes there is more..... Belinda has sent me some yummy gifts also. Check out the vintage napkin these goodies were lovingly wrapped up in. I've not seen anything like that here (Belinda is from Luxemborg), so I can't wait to have a play with it. What about the rusted heart and snow flake! I know exactly what I'm going to do with those....Ok it might take me a little while to get there, but I do have plans for them (in my mind anyway).

Thanks so much Belinda, I'm just in awe!! Not only of your work, but also of how sharing/caring you are.... Big hugs Natxx


  1. LUCKY LUCKY with the YUMMY SCRUMMY gifts from Bel S.How wonderful Nat.
    Just love this girlies style.She oozes inspiring stuff doesnt she.

    Good for you Nat, Im so pleased you shared your goodies.

    Thats also a big' OH yes Please from me for a goth book.
    Count me in, YAY.

    Dawnie (PF)

  2. you're so funny ... and welcome! i still have the goodies in the envelope you sent me!!! don't dare using them :) if your swap is not due before mid-june, i'd love to play if non-aus are allowed

  3. What amazing gifts from Belinda Nat!! I have just seen some more gorgeous art from Belinda on Kelsey's blog. Her art is amazing. Love the goodies she sent you too. Her eye for color and composition is incredible!

    The swap sounds interesting but now sure if my style would suit it?

  4. jacky4:04 PM

    Nat, these are gorgeous and very special indeed. Belinda's art is amazing and the goodies she has sent you to play with are inspiring.
    I definately want to join your swap please.