Monday, March 05, 2007

Another day, another year older

Ok so I normally wouldn't post about my birthday, but I felt that instead of being quiet about it, I'd celebrate it!! Normally I just kind of let it pass without too much fuss, but I guess as I'm rapidly approaching the big 40, I should embrace it. I remember a very dear friend telling me, that once she hit 40, she felt such a release, as she finally started feeling comfortable in her own skin. Well let's hope the same thing happens to me. Hey I might even do my very first scrapbook page on it! My 40th that is.... hey it's another 4 yrs away yet.... Well I keep saying I'm going to do a page, it might take me 4 yrs to actually get my act together and do it!! I've even bought a couple of scrap mags lately to try and get some inspiration.

Ok so here's a photo of me when I was 9 months old. No recent pics, as I'm normally the one on the shooting end. Note to self **** must take more photo's this year in order to do some scrapbook pages!


  1. You were gorgeous then, and you are gorgeous now birthday girl!

    Sending you another birthday hug xoxox

  2. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful Day

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)


  4. Happy Birthday. A little birdie..not naming any names (DOTEE) told me it was your day. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Natty.

    and I hear all the great stuff is yet to come.

    Thinking of you

    Dawnie xxx

  6. jaimie3:43 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY old girl :o)

    did I read right ... scrapbooking pages??

  7. Michelle S7:38 PM

    Happy Birthday Nat! Hope you're keeping cool up in TP :-) and being spoilt rotten by your family!
    BTW can I join the gothic arch swap too pls?

  8. happy happy belated birthday!!! your kids will certainly enjoy paging through your scrapbooking pages now and even more in many years ahead. definitely something for the to-do-list!!!

  9. Happy Bday chicky - I hope you had a wonderful day. I'm sure yummy things are heading your way. Go wild on the turps and enjoy. Lots of Bday hugs, Carmel xxxx

  10. What a cutie! And we are the same age - WOO HOO! I do hope you had a good one!