Monday, March 19, 2007

Very lucky to have such talented friends

WOW!! I am so lucky to have such a talented bunch of friends, that want to share their talent with me on my bday.... Today I received another beauty of a bday gift this time from my very good friend Carmel Trigwell who just blows me away with her talent. Not only can this girl paint, actually draw a figure then paint it - something I would love to be able to do, seeing as all I can draw are stick figures and they still look dodgy! She can do the most amazing paintings that look like real life animals. I wish she would post a pic of her giraffe on her blog... you know the one I'm talking about Carmel... IT's just the most AMAZING pic that looks like a photograph of a giraffe, it's that realistic.. Carmel can also do amazing collages and all types of mixed media and now she's turned her hand to soldering!! Again another thing I cannot do to save my life, so it's faux soldering for me..

So here we go, some wonderful art to share with you from my buddy Carmel...

Here is Carmel's bday card -

and her pendant -


Big hugs


  1. WOW! yes Carmel is VERY talented!!! Her folk art paintings are just awesome.. I was a very lucky recipient of a cat mouse painting not long ago!!!
    Lovely pendants too!! :o)

    Sorry to hear you will have less time to play, Nat.. but think of all the rubber you can buy heehe.. :oD i wish i had more time to play tooo. :o)

  2. Wow! That is so cool. Your friend is really talented. You sure are lucky to have someone like her.
    Do drop into my blog on friendship greeting cards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and friendly tips.

  3. Carmel is incredibly talented! So glad you received something special for your birthday. Gorgeous card and slide mount. Beautiful art!