Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have you seen my banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it way cool or is it way cool?? Wanna know who did it for me?? My very good friend Dawny P's No.1 son Aiden (15 yrs and a computer whizz, or should I say genius!) did it for me. Check out Dawn's blog for her banner too if you want to see more of his work. If you need a banner that leaps off the screen at you, contact Dawn for more details.

Thanks so much Aiden!! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a complete computer nong, so this just impresses the absolute dickens out of me...

Big hugs


  1. Looks cool Nat

    thanks for the plug too.
    He is thrilled

    D xxx

  2. Jaimie8:49 AM

    Yep very cool Nat :o)

  3. way coooool - I had trouble just getting the slide in LOL - we love Banner Boy! wait for the deluge of 'I want one too' (pretty please). Hugs, Carmel - love the neg canvas too. xxx

  4. Fantastic new look Nat! Dawnie's son is very talented.

  5. Wow Nat looks great Dawnie has one talented son

  6. WOAH.. check out those ultra funky writing. Just too cool. The colours are just so creative and funky.
    Sulea :oD