Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More beautiful bday Gifts!!

Is this stunning or is this stunning! Just blows me away the talent of Sulea Lee!! This girl is not only talented, but she is also EXTREMELY generous with her art, her skills and her know how!! WOW, it is no wonder Sulea's art pops up everywhere you look, as it just needs to be shared with so many.

I have been blessed, with not one, but two gifts from Sulea, here's the other -

This is the front of the arch book.

This is the middle of the book

and lastly the back page.

I was admiring this book on Sulea's blog and wow how lucky to get it as my bday pressie!!

Sulea has put this book together using a chipboard frame coated in texture paste. Once that's left to dry, she has used a verdigris and rust base to give it the green and brown look. Sorry Sulea, but I'm going to have to try this one out!! I've never thought of aging the texture paste like that before. She's then added these beautiful collage elements to compliment the colours.

The painting at the top Sulea, I'd love to know more detail on the colours you used for the background and I would love in my wildest dreams to be able to hand paint like you do. I have always been greatful for stamps, because there's not one part of me that can hand draw anything other than stick images!!LOL Also the way you highlight parts of images to give it depth, just completely blows me away.

Thanks so much again my friend!!

Big hugs to you


  1. hi Nat,
    glad you like them! :o) i have sent you an email in reply. Please do try the verdigris/rust!!! it was so fun to do and please post on your blog, so we can all see what you made! :o)

  2. Wow! What a awesome birthday present Nat. Sulea is so talented and very generous! I love the first painting and drooled over the book on her blog.
    How wonderful that she gave it to you!! Would love to see it up close. Am totally blown away by it.
    Lovely gifts for a wonderful person, to a wonderful person.

  3. Well who's a lucky birthday girl then!!! I too had seen both pieces on Sulea's blog and thought how wonderful they were but they've certainly gone to a deserving person, big hugs to you Nat ;-)

  4. What a great mail day Nat.Super inspiring stuff from Sulea, as always.Your a very lucky girl and rightly so.

    Beautiful work Sulea

    Dawnie xxx

  5. you are one lucky gal!! love the arch book. just went to her blog and she sure is talented!

  6. Oooh Nat what a blessing - that arch book is just deluxe! And I am sure it is even better when you can feel the texture.

    I am so happy you are the one blessed with these gifts.

    Have a good week Nat, am thinking of you.

  7. Nat these are just beautiful ,Sulea's work is amazing .