Monday, March 12, 2007

Feeling Blah

Feeling very 'blah' at the moment and drained of creativity. There's a few reasons for this feeling, but too boring to go into here....

Anyway needing to make some birthday cards for some upcoming birthday's, I dragged out the trusty alcohol inks, to make some quick (but hopefully) presentable birthday cards.

and another

AND I have no lettuce left!! Which is one of my fav colours!!! BLAH


  1. These are beautiful Natty.Gotta love those A inks hey.Im out of butterscotch, my fav. I vote they sell them individual.

    I love the softness of the starfish.

    Dawnie xxx

  2. Michelle S6:43 PM

    Gawd - even on a 'blah' day your work is gorgeous Nat! BTW you can now buy alochol inks separately. LMK if you would like a care package :)

  3. Oh Nat - they are wonderful - especially the starfish - it really does look like a watery background.

  4. Jaimie12:53 AM

    are these from the other night? beautiful Nat

  5. Nat these are just gorgeous if this is what you create on a blah day I would Love to see what you come up with on a good day!!!
    I also love the star fish .Love Alcohol hick hic Inks

  6. Wonderful artwork dear, love it. ;)