Monday, March 19, 2007

Photo's of my not so littlies anymore!!

A recent pic of my beanies (my nick name for them) who grow like topsy!! In the background is the view from our front yard and yes there is lots of red dirt, but it is a little picturesque too!!

To all my friends and family who read this blog, I miss you so much! and hope to see a lot of you in May when we come down to Perth.

big hugs


  1. wow Nat, they are growing so much -they look very happy, must be having the family together all the time. OMG a job! that's scary lol - glad you liked the pendant. Get yourself a soldering iron, it's easy!! hugs, Carmel xx

  2. This must be such an adventure for your "not so little" two! Happy & sad to hear you've got yourself a job, though it'll make you appreciate your "art" time even more now and I'm glad that you're still in our Altered Book Club each month ;-) We'd miss you if you dropped that!

  3. Your kids look fantastic!

    Congratulations on the jop too! And I am sure that you will find time to squeeze in some art!

  4. Your beanies look very happy and healthy Nat - and are growing so much!

  5. Jacky2:39 AM

    Hi Nat.... Sounds like you are well and truly fitting into life at Mt. Tom Price (hope I've got that right??)
    I work three days a week (ten hour days) plus two hours travelling so not much art gets done during the week. I can sympathise with you. I am sure though you will find some time as it refreshes the soul.
    Take care and your "beanies" are gorgeous!!!

  6. Hi Natalie - Just wanted to empathise with the red dirt!! Makes you doubly appreciate the green bits doesn't it? Deb

  7. oh, these are soo adorable! they look fabulous and so does the red sand. i can imagine you're looking forward to may!!