Monday, March 12, 2007

Some Birthday Card RAK's

And aren't they fabulous!! As always Dawnie, you have such a way with colours.. Love what you have done with the stamps/masking etc. Dawnie also included with her card a gift of some yummy Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint in Micaceous Iron Oxide colour which I had been eyeing off and drooling some of the work she did using this product. You are the bestest Dawnie P, just the bestest...

This next card is from my SIL - Ann Gerlach.. Sorry she doesn't have a blog, so can't include a link... As usual my scanning abilities leave a lot to be desired...lumpy bits just dont do well in my scanner. Love the colours also Ann.

Ann has such a way with tearing paper and colour...

Thanks so much my friends, I'm feeling a little less blah today!


  1. Glad your feeling less blah nat,you have alot of friends who worry about you

  2. Gorgeous work from your friends Nat (Dawnie & Anne), hope it wasn't your birthday that had you feeling're only a spring chicken ;-) lol

  3. Chin up Nat - positive thoughts results in positive outcomes - very nice 'inky' cards you made and very nice cards received! hopefully more on the way lol...hugs, Carmel xxx

  4. These are great dear, love the great colors. ;)

  5. Gorgeous cards for you sweetie!
    Both very special in their own way. So glad to see you receiving lots of art love!