Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beautiful Gift from a Beautiful Friend

Yay I got a Dotee Dolly today for my bday... thanks Dotee!! Love the colours (as you know) and the beautiful bird embellishment!! Thank you so much for thinking of me :-) you are such a special and wonderful friend....

And not to forget her gorgeous and COLOURFUL card

Thank you so much my friend for thinking of me :-)


  1. So you did the Dotee doll dance on your birthday.What a treat !

    Luuvvvv the card too.


    PF xxx

  2. jacky1:36 AM

    Dont those little Dottie Dollies just make you smile? There is just something about them !
    Your card is beautiful too Nat... love the eggs on the muslin.
    Hope your day was very special (and that you have been in a safe place during these cyclones... you have been in my thoughts).

  3. Love you Nat xoxoxo So glad you liked the card and doll.

    Stay safe!