Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day of the Dead

I have had this background sitting on my desk for what seems like weeks. This theme for the ABC Group I belong to, has been really really hard. It's not normally a theme I work in, hence the reason I struggled. I do really like the challenge of going outside of my comfort zone though, so this is not meant to sound like a whinge. Each month the ABC group pick a theme to work in for our combined fat book, and as mentioned in the title, this month's theme is "Day of the Dead".


  1. This is very cool Nat Im like you dont like to go outside my comfort zone either,but it does do us good to experiment, you Perth girls taught me that.
    Keep up the beautiful wrok

  2. Nat - this is really, really good! You have done a excellent job with the theme. It is dark and striking without being sombre. The bird image on text looks fantastic, and the eye really set it off. Great work.
    Considering you were not comfortable with the theme you have done an amazing job.

    There is a lot of depth to this piece.

  3. love the colours too Nat, very graveyard and with the raven - I'm covering my eyes lol. Well done, the effect is great. Hugs, Carmel xx

  4. oooh yes, that's awesome! fits the theme perfectly. and you banner is fabulous. he did it really well. i'm a negative fan as well, love your spooky version :)

  5. Nat this is fantastic! I love how you have interpreted the theme. How did you colour the buildings? That is the GPP stamp isn't it? The whole thing has come together beautifully.

    I have been thinking of you and sending special thoughts and prayers your way this week.

  6. Can't wait to get this one in the mail Nat! Love the raven and the colours and oh, the theme of course!!! lol Right up my alley!

    I don't even have to check my list to see what we're doing next, I just look at your blog as you are just SO organised and ahead of the game ;-)

  7. This sooooo does not look like you struggled miss Natty. Very cool indeed.Everything fits the theme beautifully, spooky feel, ghostly buildings, colours used.

    Specky job.Love it.

    Dawnie xxx